Healing The Collective

Chiron in Pisces, True Node In Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn.

Healing ourselves, our roots, or connection to the dark mother;by nurturing ourselves to collectively heal our shared wounds. To then transform the old paradigm our society use to and no longer flourishes inside of.

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Imagine we are a computer and the computer got hacked by invasive energy, and illusion even. This virus lives off your separation from self, the mother, father, love.

It is time to return to our divine mother and father. Divine and Compassionate. A force so gentle yet full of life and love.

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I would imagine drugs not just street but pharmaceutical could be a manifestation of this non-harmonious agenda.

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You see, Capricorn is the representations of structure, and status. It’s the realm of this creation and depending on many aspects, we all have our own configuration with this energy.

Pluto is the far, far away planet and some may argue if it’s a planet or not. It’s representation in astrology is rebirth and death. It’s energy so far away yet so effective when it manifests and it manifests many times in our lives in many ways. Pluto teaches us how to grow and completely rid ourselves of what no longer serves us.

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The more we resist, the darker the lesson. Pluto is a good thing, it brings truth and with truth comes death and freedom. What kind of freedom? My intuitive senses feel like it’s freedom from need to feel like you need to control. A much needed and intense lesson for the goat.

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